Strut Your Mutt NH

* Bonded and Insured - Family Owned & Operated

Here at Strut Your Mutt NH we realize that this isn't just a "walk in the park" for you or your pup. This is trust and care for your furry four-legged family member, To ensure this is a positive experience for everyone involved we will conduct a complimentary meet and greet with you and your dog(s) to get to know them, learn their routine and find out everything you want us to know! We have an experienced staff and we are bonded and insured as well. We are excited to love your dog(s) as if they were our own, and exceed your expectations in every way possible. Please read our employee Bio's below!

Laura Stone

Owner/Walker/K9 Taxi Driver

Laura Stone has been working professionally in the pet industry for over 8 years. Some of that time was spent working directly under a CPDT-KA trainer assisting in puppy training classes, CGC certifications, and leash recall classes. Other than assisting in classes and training environments she also walked upwards of 75 different dogs on a rotating basis each with their specific routine and requirements. Her favorite part about the job is getting to care for these adorable pups while their parents are away for the day!

Catherine Stone

Owner/Walker/K9 Taxi Driver

Growing up with all types of animals in her home Catherine has a passion for her two and four legged friends! She currently works full time in corporate America but is so dedicated to helping her furry pals she walks and cares for them after hours and as our weekend warrior walker! Her favorite part of the job is getting to cuddle and love each pup as if they were her own!

Nikolas Parent

Exotic Specialist/K9 Taxi Driver

Recently returning home from his tour overseas with the U.S Airforce, Nikolas Parent finally has some time to do what he's always loved to do. Take care of and play with animals! Its always been a dream of his to work so closely with as many animals as he can and this job provides him that fun and diverse environment he's been looking for. Not only does he work FT for Curious creatures, a traveling show and tell "zoo" but he also owns a dog, iguana, snake, and 2 birds! 

Maddie Parent

Walker/K9 Taxi Driver

As a recent graduate of Pinkerton Academy's Animal Science program, Maddie is eager to continue her work with animals of all kinds. She has experience with grooming basics, administering medicines, as well as working as a walker and full time grooming assistant! Owning 2 dogs herself she is thrilled to surround herself with even more animals!

Nicholas Hamilton

Walker/K9 Taxi Driver

Nick has just completed his schooling and is launching his career as a full time EMT. The hours fluctuate constantly which gives Nick time to spend with his furry friends which is one of his favorite things. When he's not helping to save lives, or walking dogs he enjoys hiking the mountains with his girlfriend and dogs Gemma The Australian Cattle Dog and Moose the Boxer. 

Raye Gordon


Rachel has been an avid animal lover, advocate, and rescuer since her toddler years; always helping or rescuing turtles, squirrels, birds, and even worms. She has been exposed to numerous dog breeds throughout her life from friends, family, and volunteering at local animal shelters. After years of rescuing cats, Rachel finally got the opportunity to have the dog she's always wanted; a now 9 y/o St. Bernard Boscoe (pictured with her).She has always had a keen instinct in understanding all animals as their own being and she is respectful of their needs. Rachel is cautious but not afraid, and her calm energy reassures the animals that they are safe. She is highly adaptable, and fun loving to be around, making sure each animal she encounters is loved and respected and most of all has fun.

Charlene Vaykovich


Love what you do and you never have to work a day in your life. That's why Charlene chose to walk and play with dogs now that she's retired and can finally do what she wants. She sweet, caring, and loves your dogs as if they were her own.

Our Mission

Our mission at Strut Your Mutt NH is to combine the treats your dogs love with the exercise, love and affection they need.

We've partnered with local dog bakery Brownie's Barkery 

( to provide a special treat on your pups barkday!